It looks like I’m already heading into the homestretch for the first phase of my orthodontics. I went to the orthodontist today to get tightened up, and I’ve apparently switched from titanium wires to steel (which I was already warned that they were going to hurt quite a bit more than the titanium ones). The molar Dr. D. worried  would move the wrong tooth ended up just moving itself, which is what we wanted, and it’s now lined up nicely with the rest of my lower teeth and is actually touching again. I made my appointment for January to get retied again, and then I have an appointment in the beginning of February to get a new set of molds made so I can bring them to Dr. G. for approval. Since he has already told me that my bite is fine for surgery, I’m not anticipating any hold-ups on his part, so hopefully I’ll be able to schedule surgery sometime in March (assuming Dr. G. is available and can get hospital space then). It’s still two months away, but I still consider this to be very good news.

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