I have exactly two weeks to go before my surgery, and I’m starting to get nervous. Besides the first few months after I initially heard the treatment plan, I think I’ve been dealing well with the whole situation - at least in terms of not being too scared about the surgery and outcome. It was more just a struggle to get to that point, having to stay completely organized and on top of things in order to follow up on everything that I apparently needed to. However, after going to my orthodontist appointment on Monday, it’s finally starting to dawn on me that this surgery is soon going to become a reality for me instead of some distantly visible goal. All Dr. D. did was make sure my ties were all pushed down, and then he told me that he would let me know after he met with Dr. G. again if I needed to come in to get the teeth separated where my upper jaw will be split. The whole drive home I was in this strange floaty state, where I was coming to grips with the realization that the whole surgery is practically upon me. The more I think about it, the more I’m doubting that this is absolutely the best plan for me. I realize that it’s necessary if I ever want to be able to chew normally, but I also don’t think it’s going to be the magical cure-all for my TMJ. After all, the part of my jaw by that joint won’t even be affected by the surgery - the relevant breaking points will all be more towards the middle of the jawbone. I also know that these doubts are most likely perfectly normal preceding such a big event, and so for the time being, I’m trying not to get too caught up in my nerves.

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I went to see Dr. D. on 2/22 and he told me that the tooth we were waiting on should be fine for surgery, especially since if it still needs to be adjusted, it can be done after surgery (which is what I thought should’ve been done from the start).  He put three surgical hooks on my front teeth, top and bottom, just in case I had my surgery before my next visit with him (which was unlikely, so I’ve been wearing them unnecessarily until the next appointment, although at least they aren’t tearing up my mouth like I thought they would). Dr. D. also redid my records and molds so that he could bring them when he met with Dr. G. again. Apparently that meeting went well, since CiCi called me a few days after my appointment to set up a surgery date. After talking it over with my new boss, I told CiCi to get me in as soon as possible. Over a week later, she called me back with the date of May 12 for my surgery. I’m a little disappointed that it’s still nearly a month out, but I guess it’s progress, and I’m sure the next month will go by quickly as I get ready for the surgery.

I’ve now put in for my time off work and made a multitude of appointments. I’m planning on taking a week and a half off work for the recovery, and I’m just hoping that will be enough so I don’t need to take too much time away from work (seeing as how I’ve only been there for a few weeks now). I now have an appointment with Dr. G. the week before the surgery to go over the procedure one last time, and then that afternoon I’ll be heading to the hospital to donate a unit of blood for myself, just in case I need it during the surgery. I also have an appointment with my regular doctor to get a full physical and history, and then I cancelled my dentist appointment for the week after the surgery, and I’ll just have to let them know as soon as I get my jaw unwired so I can come in to get my teeth cleaned. I’m sure that will be quite a relief to have that done after six weeks of not being able to brush my teeth properly.

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