I had my first dentist appointment since surgery on Tuesday, and it’s so nice to finally have my teeth clean again! They said I did a really good job (I didn’t mention that I had bought a dental pick since I couldn’t deal with the griminess), and I made it through this whole thing without any new cavities. I started panicking a little when they first started cleaning, but I was at least able to calm myself down better than I have been at my oral surgeon’s. Just the thought of anything painful happening in my mouth has proven to be more than I can handle at this point. Since I still can’t feel most of my gums (and half of my lower lip and a bit on my chin), I got out of the ritual bloodbath known as flossing since it still feels too weird to me. My dentist was really, really pleased with my profile and he said my teeth look excellent. However, when he asked if I was happy with the surgery and I said I mostly thought it was worth it and that I was still waiting to see how it would turn out before I can give a definite answer - because as of right now I’m very frustrated by the fact that my tongue is still pushing my teeth apart - he did not seem very impressed with my oral surgeon’s judgement. I told him how Dr. G. had assured me that my tongue thrust would stop after the surgery because my tongue would adjust and no longer rest between my teeth. Clearly that hasn’t been happening, so my dentist suggested the same thing Dr. D. did right from the beginning: speech therapy. Since I refuse to have gone through everything I just did and have it go back to the way it was before without at least trying to fix it, I’m going to give them a call once I get my insurance straightened out. I’m finally switching from COBRA to my current work’s insurance, which hasn’t exactly been a smooth process, and I’m fully expecting to have some problems with the hospital billing me after I’m terminated at CareFirst. It’s been more than the 60 days since my surgeries, and while I still haven’t received my bills from the hospital, I’m not sure if it would open a huge can of worms if I were to call them to see what’s happening.

I also went to the orthodontist a few weeks ago to get my wires adjusted for the first time since surgery. He was also happy with how my teeth looked, except for the fact that they were separating on the left side again. He laced my top teeth together since they had kind of spread out during recovery, and now I’m into the bands section of treatment - one on the right to pull one of my teeth out that had moved too far inwards, and two on the left to try to close the gap. I learned my lesson the first time I had braces, though, and so I’m cooperating and actually wearing the bands this time around. I’m determined to meet the Thanksgiving goal Dr. D. set for getting my braces off.

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