I just had my final check-up (six-month post-jaw unwiring) with my oral surgeon. Dr. G. was very pleased with the way my teeth were - my jaw has healed nicely, and he gave me his blessing to get my braces off next month. I saw my X-ray that they took for this visit, and he was right - my teeth did look perfectly aligned still, which made me feel a lot better about noticing that my jaw still looked crooked. I had misunderstood the extra chin surgery he had wanted to do when I initially had my surgeries - I thought it was just a chin implant, but it turns out that it was also to shift over the whole chin segment so that it would be symmetrical with my face. I didn’t realize that my jaw was physically longer on the left side (I just thought it was angled incorrectly), so the surgeries I did have didn’t correct that part of the asymmetry. So at least I know it’s not because of something going wrong that my face looks a little crooked, although I highly doubt I’ll ever be getting the surgery to correct my chin at this point. It’s not that noticeable anyway (at least, I hope not), besides that I don’t really feel up to going through any surgery again for quite a while.

I also noticed some squiggly things in the X-ray behind my back lower molars, and it turns out those are wires that I didn’t even know I had. Dr. G. told me they were under my gums, but it didn’t occur to me until after I left to ask if he meant that they went through my gums or were entirely underneath them. Either way, they’re going to stay in unless they start causing me problems. He also asked if I had any remaining numbness, and I pointed out the areas on my lip and chin that didn’t have all the feeling back, and also said that I couldn’t feel most of my gums still. He told me that the numbness in those areas is probably permanent at this point, unless the nerve from the left side of my face starts growing over to where it’s damaged on the right side. It’s tolerable enough, though, since it doesn’t feel like I’ve had a shot of novocaine there or anything - I can feel pressure there, but the sensation just isn’t 100%.

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The Recovery page is finally done!!! …sort of. It’s up, but the pictures got a bit distorted, and quite frankly, I don’t feel like dealing with them anymore tonight. So while I’ll say that I’ll try to fix them soon, in reality, they’ll probably stay that way for a while.

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