The braces are off!!! I got them off on 2/22, but I haven’t quite figured out how to work my new computer since then (Windows -> OS X) so I haven’t updated lately. So my teeth feel big and slimy and wonderful again, although it really wasn’t as exciting as it could have been if I had gotten all of the brackets off at once. I have to wear my retainers 24 hours a day for six weeks, which I’ve been trying to keep up with, since one of my bottom teeth has already moved just from having my retainers out to eat. The left side of my mouth is still touching beautifully - granted, it’s only been three weeks without the bands, but I feel like I’ve been really good about keeping my tongue out of the way so maybe I can start being optimistic that things will continue to go well. In fact, my teeth are touching better on the left side than on the right at this point, but strangely enough, I don’t care. I figure the left side will eventually push apart a little bit, and everything can come together then, hopefully. I can still chew just fine on both sides, so no worries yet.

Speaking of worries, one more has been lifted off of me recently - my old insurance company finally paid my hospital bill for the first surgery! My mom had to step in to get things done, but within two weeks, the hospital and insurance company were actually in communication with each other, insurance finally got the forms they needed, and they paid it. Woohoo!

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