I’m pretty sure I will never be done with orthodontics at this point. I went to the orthodontist again this morning for the maybe-third time since I got the buttons on, and they’re still not off. Well, actually, one of the buttons was replaced by a bracket (the buttons aren’t too good at actually holding onto the rubber bands, and it was getting difficult to function without being able to move my mouth again), which seems to be disconcertingly more permanent. I thought I was supposed to be finishing treatment, which normally entails getting rid of the treatment tools, rather than getting them put back on. My orthodontist also mentioned putting two more brackets back on the left side at my next visit, which has obviously made me a bit irritated. I always think of the good questions (like, “What exactly is the game plan here? Do you plan to keep me in treatment indefinitely?”) only after I leave, so I’m going to do as I was told until my next appointment, but then I seriously need to figure out what’s going on here. Yes, my teeth are moving again, but maybe that’s just the way my mouth is going to be. I don’t want to keep having to go through this if my teeth are just going to move the second the bands are off anyway. I’ll wear the retainer, but there’s also a certain amount of letting go that I think may need to happen, since as long as my teeth are still functional (which they are, despite the movement), I’d prefer to not live the rest of my life worrying about if each and every tooth is in perfect position. I’m disappointed that my surgery didn’t have longer-lasting effects alignment-wise, especially since I feel that if I had gotten into speech therapy sooner after my surgery that my teeth might not have moved this much, but they’re still touching much better than before (the outside edges of my left teeth are touching pretty well now, which they didn’t used to, but the left inside edges have been pushed apart by my tongue thrust). Besides not being able to open my mouth as wide as I used to be able to, I have been happy with the results of the surgery jaw-wise, since I no longer have the locking up or clicking. So while I think I’m moving further away from a resounding “Yes” to the ever-popular question, “Do you think it was worth it?” I’m still satisfied enough with the results, just frustrated at not being done yet. And yes, to the other popular question, I would do it again.

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