My visit to the orthodontist yesterday wasn’t quite as bad as I was anticipating. Instead of putting multiple buttons on my teeth on the left, he instead just put a pair of buttons (well, a bracket and a button, since I haven’t found that two buttons really hold onto bands that well) on my back right molars. He was pleased with how my teeth are coming together on the left, and just wanted to pull up my lower right molar that had basically slid off to the side… the one that he had previously said we’d leave alone as long as it didn’t get in the way. I did actually ask him what the plan was this time, and if there would be any way to hold that tooth in place once the button came off. I pointed out that that tooth has moved to the same place each time I’ve gotten braces off, and I’d really rather not go through wearing bands if it’s just going to move back again. He assured me that he’ll figure out a retainer to rein in that tooth, and so I’m wearing the bands as I was told (albeit a bit begrudgingly, especially since my teeth hurt now).

It wasn’t until this morning that I realized the bigger problem than just the one tooth moving - my bite is pretty messed up again. My teeth on the left are touching relatively well, and the teeth on the right touch well too, but not at the same time. I finally watched myself bite down in the mirror this morning, and noticed that when my teeth touch well on the right, my bite is right on midline but only one tooth on the left is touching, but when they touch on the left, my lower jaw is about a half-tooth width over to the left from midline and I don’t have any good contact on the right. I’m hoping wearing bands on both sides for now will help, but this is definitely something that I will bringing up to my orthodontist at the next visit. I can still use my teeth just fine (although that does explain some weird bite patterns that I’ve noticed), but I’m just concerned about long-term uneven wear on my teeth and jaw if shifting my jaw to eat on each side will be the norm for me from now on.

In a very unexpected piece of good news, it no longer hurts for me to open my mouth. I’m completely dumbfounded by this, but I just noticed that I don’t feel the tightness and discomfort that I used to when I would yawn or otherwise open my mouth wider than I do to talk or chew. It’s completely random, but I am so happy to just be able to open my mouth without all the tightness, especially since while I can’t open my mouth to as wide as I could pre-jaw issues, I can at least open to a perfectly tolerable width now.

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