If all had gone as planned, I would currently be in the hospital recovering from my surgery. Instead I am waiting impatiently on this to clear up so I can reschedule my surgery. Two days after I got my final clearance from my doctor, I broke out all over my arms from poison ivy, although it had been two weeks since I could’ve even been exposed to it. I also was apparently having an allergic reaction to the latex in the first-aid tape and band-aids I was using to cover my arms at night, so now I’m allergic to latex as well. I had to go back to my doctor, and she was so concerned by my overly-pale and generally sickly appearance (probably brought on by the fact that I’d hardly slept for three days from the itchiness) that she drew blood yet again to check my blood counts and insisted that I start on Prednisone to get rid of the poison ivy. Unfortunately, I couldn’t have my surgery while on steroids, so my surgery had to be postponed. I’m really hoping the poison ivy will clear up within the two days I have left on the medication so I can get cleared by my doctor again and reschedule my surgery. I’m dreading the thought that it could be another month before I can get hospital time like the first time the surgery was scheduled. I can’t believe I have to go through all the preparation again - both physically and emotionally. If the surgery can be scheduled before 6/8 then I should be able to use the blood I already donated, but the psychological let-down is really the worst part of all. The massive disappointment and realization that I will have to go through the mental preparation again when I was so close to having it done is the hardest to cope with at this point, but there’s pretty much nothing I can do about it now except wait for everything to fall into place again.

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