I’ve now had blood drawn two times in as many days. Of course, we’ll see if there are more lasting negative effects than just feeling light-headed and out of it this evening. My mom and I went to see Dr. G. yesterday for the last appointment before my surgery. We got a lot of information about the surgery, some of which I’m almost wishing I didn’t know, i.e. how they manage to get enough room in my mouth to maneuver during surgery (answer: they peel my lips over my nose or chin, depending on what jaw they’re working on). I also learned more about the upper jaw portion of the surgery. That procedure is called a Two-piece Le Forte I Maxillary Osteotomy, which I now have a week to research so I can feel more comfortable about it before it happens to me. It turns out that it’s not just a break below my nose, but there will also be two vertical breaks so my front teeth will be a separate segment from the rest of my jaw, at least until they wire it back in place. The wires they’ll be using to hold it stable will be going up past the bottom of my nose and will hopefully be permanently secured there. The bolts holding the rest of the breaks together may have to come out at some point, though, and if that happens, I’ll need to go back into surgery to have them removed. Also, with all the vertical breaks happening to my upper jaw, I run the risk of tooth damage as they go between my teeth to break the jaw, so I may need a root canal in the future, or I may even lose the teeth if they become infected. There’s also a slight chance the sinuses will be affected, since the break will be going into the sinus cavity, and there’s also the risk of permanent numbness - as with the lower jaw - if the nerve running right above the proposed break is damaged.

So after the appointment at Dr. G.’s, we went down to the hospital so I could donate a unit of blood for myself for the surgery - which also served as a good test run for my mom so she would know how to get to the hospital before the big day. The blood-letting went fine, until I went to the doctor today. Even though I had told the hospital that I just donated a unit of blood yesterday when they called me this afternoon, they still requested a CBC. So I just got blood pulled again, and my doctor is concerned that my iron levels may be low enough that they’ll want to postpone my surgery, since they’ll already be at decreased levels from yesterday, besides that my iron is usually pretty low to begin with. And who knows if all my paperwork will get to where it needs to go before my surgery - it seems no one remembered anything of what they told me last week, such as the existence of a form my doctor needed to fill out and what sorts of tests/examinations/etc I’d need before surgery. My doctor seemed to think it wouldn’t be necessary for me to have weight gainer supplements during my recovery, which I may still have to resort to depending on how I do maintaining my weight. I’ve been trying to put on weight for the past couple weeks, and I’ve managed to gain… 3 pounds. And this is starting from a lower weight than normal (as in what I weighed my sophomore year of high school), and I’m sure stress isn’t helping my efforts either. If nothing else, at least this surgery will let me relax for a bit after it’s all over, until my mom starts forcing me to get my own food and go for walks around the block to keep my blood flowing. I was looking forward to chicken soup (…er, broth) being brought to me in bed, but maybe I can still negotiate for that at least for the first couple days after surgery.

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