I just had the first of the braces-removal visits to my orthodontist yesterday. I was hoping he would take all of my brackets off (for obvious reasons), but he ended up leaving a few on my back right teeth and then the ones on my front teeth, presumably to hold my teeth in place until I get my retainers, and also so I can wear bands for just one. more. week. I’m excited that most of my braces are off, but it’s kind of tempered by the fact that not all of them are off, and also because the wires are sticking out beyond the brackets and really tearing up my lips. I think I can deal with it for one more week, though :) So I’m scheduled to go back in next Tuesday, when they’ll take the remaining brackets off and give me my retainers. It turns out the ceramic braces don’t come off very neatly - the one on my upper right cuspid (which is normally really sensitive anyway) ending up breaking into pieces and had to be removed with a dremel, basically. Not too pleasant. Luckily, the rest of the removal process didn’t hurt that much - it turns out there are some benefits to my gums still being numb ;)

Just because life is never easy, I’ve had a new problem crop up - I can’t open my mouth more than about an inch and a half. That’s not very much at all, but I’m not even sure how long that’s been going on, if it’s been that way since surgery or if it’s something new. I guess it just got to be a habit to eat in small portions, but then I realized I literally could not open my mouth more than the width of a sandwich. So I told my dentist about that today, as it was fairly obvious something was going on with my range of motion since I could barely even open it wide enough for the little mirror to get in there (oh, even worse was doing the molds at the orthodontist - the top tray actually got stuck in my mouth. Ugh.). So Dr. F. told me to let my orthodontist know next week (strange how the technician didn’t seem that concerned about it…), since with all the changes that I’ve had with my jaw, this is something I need to stay on top of so more serious issues don’t occur. At least my jaw didn’t hurt after my teeth cleaning - it used to lock up and be horribly painful for hours, but despite obviously straining today to open my jaw wider, I was able to massage away any pain really quickly and it actually felt better than normal right after I left.

The insurance problems still haven’t been cleared up. My old insurance company is still requesting the UB-92 from the hospital but still actually just wanting descriptions of the diagnostic codes, and the hospital is still sending over UB-92s and not the descriptions because I don’t believe the insurance company has actually asked the hospital for those. I try to pass along the message of what the insurance company really wants to the hospital, but there seems to be some sort of communication breakdown there. I just signed yet another medical release so my mom can start working on this too, so if all goes well, she’ll be able to make some progress since she works in the industry and knows the ropes much better than I do.

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