It looks like I spoke too soon. I went to see Dr. G. on Friday, fully expecting to be able to finally set a surgery date. Instead, he hit me with the news that I have more problems with my mouth that I need to get straightened out first, which could take several more months. I have a tooth on the bottom left that’s sticking up so far that it will impede the other teeth from touching if I were to get the surgery now, so that needs to be orthodontically pushed back down beforehand. If it’s going to take more than 6 months to do that, however, Dr. G. said that it might be worth it just to file it down instead of waiting that long. Also, it looks like I will have to have my top jaw broken as well. Dr. G. is proposing that he break my jaw horizontally just below the nasal cavity in order to bring my top jaw down to close the gap mentioned in the previous update. Then the other major problem is that my left back teeth won’t touch if my lower jaw would be brought up now since my upper jaw is narrower than the lower jaw on that side. To counteract that gap, my upper jaw will need to be broken between the two back molars so that my jaw can be swung out a bit and secured. Dr. G.’s staff is checking to make sure that the top jaw will also be covered under my current surgery approval through CareFirst. Because of all these proposed breaks, Dr. G. is now recommending jaw wiring for the recovery because of its increased stability. He also cleared up that while I will most likely have to stay overnight in the hospital, I should only need to be out of work for a week, which is much better than the month I had envisioned. And in case I change my mind about having a chin augmentation (I doubt it, though), I was quoted $2,000.

For the first time yet, my bill at the oral surgeon’s is paid in full as well. After several calls on both my and CiCi’s part, we finally got CareFirst to pay up on the claim from 8/1/03, which they kept claiming I didn’t have a valid referral for (I did). The other outstanding claim from July was thankfully cleared up without too many problems last month, just requiring a resubmittal (where do these claims go? I had checked on that one much earlier on and they had it then).

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