After a few more delays, it looks like we’re finally making some progress on getting my surgery done. I went in for my last orthondontistic appointment before surgery (again) this morning, and had a heavier wire and laces put on my top teeth to help close up the gaps that were starting to form. Dr. D. had brought my molds over for Dr. G. to see sometime in the past month, and from what I gathered, my bite is pretty much ready for surgery. However, as Dr. D. was showing me on my molds how my teeth would look after surgery, he then pointed out that he’d like the bottoms of my top teeth to come down to the top of the brackets on my bottom teeth. He claimed that that would help prevent against a relapse; in which case, that’s definitely something I’m interested in getting fixed. He said the gap there would be something that would be corrected during surgery, and that he was going back to see Dr. G. directly after my appointment. I now have an appointment on Friday with Dr. G., so hopefully we can finally set a surgery date and I can learn more about this other issue and if that will mean that he will have to break my top jaw as well.

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