It turns out that my initial visit on the 13th to get my spacers in and the follow-up visit on the 17th to get one replaced were unnecessary. Because my bottom back teeth are set too far back into my cheek tissue, they weren’t able to get bands around them, and opted instead for brackets on the bottom and top molars (?). So now the brackets are digging little holes into my cheeks and they hurt even worse than when the other ones went on, but I’m being diligent about the wax, so hopefully my cheeks will adapt soon. Dr. D. warned me to watch my back second molar, though, because it has shifted significantly and is so out of position that he’s concerned that it may pull my first molar out of alignment along with it. Right now, my first molars on the top and bottom are overlapping well, so I have to make sure they stay that way. As always, I took pictures for documentation purposes, but more so this time so I’ll be able to tell more easily if the first molar gets the second molar back into position, or if the opposite occurs. If that happens, I’ll have to go back in and get either the wire removed from that back tooth, or I’ll have to start wearing the dreaded rubber bands to pull it into alignment (I already forgot).

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