My appointment with Dr. G. didn’t go quite as expected. When his first words to me were, “What are you doing with the braces?” I realized that this wasn’t going to go that well. Apparently, Dr. D. hasn’t contacted Dr. G. at all, and Dr. G. is even doubting the necessity of me having braces before the surgery. He thought my bite was fine, and that I definitely didn’t need any extractions (something else Dr. D. was considering). I also asked him about Dr. D.’s recommendation that I go through speech therapy to correct my tongue thrust. Dr. G. assured me that my tongue thrust did not cause the gap between my teeth, and that my tongue will naturally find room in my mouth after the gap is closed, with the jaw wiring being especially helpful in retraining it. So I talked to him for a while about the surgery, and basically, it’s going to hinge on Dr. D. and his decision on if we can go ahead with the surgery or if we need to complete more of the orthodontics first. Dr. G. said that he would definitely call Dr. D. that week to hopefully clear up any confusion that’s been caused by their lack of coordination.

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