I’ve now been through two surgeries, and I’m well into my recovery. I managed to get my surgery rescheduled on a cancellation, so I had it done on 5/19. The surgery went well, although the first few days of recovery were much worse than I thought they would be. It was strange - and yet wonderful - to feel and see how much my bite had changed. For once, my teeth were touching on the left side and my overbite was much more closed - top teeth nearly resting on the lower brackets, and my fear about tongue thrust opening up my bite should prove to be unfounded. Now that my upper left teeth have been moved further out, there’s so much more room in my mouth.

Unfortunately, I ended up having some (unusual) complications that landed me back in the hospital after two weeks. I had my wires adjusted while I was still in the hospital the first time, but the top front segment of my jaw had continued to move and it was now too far to one side and at an angle. I ended up having to go under and have basically the whole surgery done over again, just without breaking anything this time. Now there are plates holding the upper front segment in place, and I’ve made it through two follow-up appointments with my teeth still aligned. The recovery was better than the first time around - much more swelling, but I bounced back more quickly. In fact, I was back to work a week later, working a full eight-hour day.

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