It turns out that my oral surgeon and I were a little too optimistic about how quickly I’d be able to break through the scar tissue. I was able to fit in three new tongue depressors in three days, but then I had to stop adding them because my jaw was hurting too much. I am stretching it three times a day for five minutes each, and while the pain is gradually lessening, I’m still not ready to add a fourth depressor in. My muscles are just so tight on the left side of my jaw, and with 21 tongue depressors in, even the right side starts hurting too. It turns out I was wrong with my measurements, though. I actually started out a few months back with being able to open my mouth 1″, I managed to stretch it open to 1 1/4″, and now I’m at 1 1/2″. Even though that’s still pretty pathetic, it’s amazing how much easier it is to eat now, even gaining just another 1/4″ back. So I have to keep working on stretching out my jaw for another week and then call my oral surgeon to give him my progress. If I’m still stalled out, he said he might have to prescribe me some Valium to help relax my muscles, but I’m hoping to avoid the whole prescription pills route. In the meantime, he recommended taking an Advil a half hour beforehand and using a hot moist compress while stretching my jaw.

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