I’m still not done with the orthodontics… It’s not as bad as it was sounding like at my last appointment, but I’d really like to just get into the just-wear-retainers-every-night routine instead of being asked to wear them 24/7 and keep coming to appointments every six weeks still. So I went in this morning, and got “buttons” on my left upper 6 and lower 7. At first, I thought I’d be getting the buttons/bands on the very back molar on the right side, which didn’t make any sense to me unless they were somehow going to be able to corral that tooth in with a retainer, since as soon as the buttons come off again, it would just slide right back to wherever it wants to go anyway. So since I’m not really using that tooth anyway (thanks to having my 2nd bicuspids removed on top, not all of my teeth even have a tooth to match up with), my orthodontist agreed that we could just let it go, unless it ever starts getting in the way of my other teeth (doubtful). So I’m wearing a band on the left side again, which is fine, since that’s the side I’m concerned with keeping the teeth touching anyway (5 months post-braces, and the tongue thrust hasn’t pushed my teeth apart yet!! woohoo!).

I also got a wire glued behind my bottom front teeth, which I’m pretty happy about. It was getting a bit frustrating, since every single time I took my retainer out for longer than 20 minutes, my teeth would shift around, and I’ve already had my retainer redone once to try to push my teeth back into place.

My jaw still is not where I feel it should be in terms how wide I’m able to open it. I’ve plateaued out with the tongue depressors, although I’m still trying to work with them (I’m at about 1 3/4″, I think, but I can’t increase them more than once a month or so now). My jaw is still tight and is starting to click if I try to open it too wide repeatedly, but it’s still better overall than before surgery, and I can eat much more easily now than a few months ago.

There is one newish development that I wasn’t really expecting: I’m getting the feeling back in my face! After being told by my oral surgeon that the residual numbness on the left side of my face was likely permanent at this point, I’ve noticed that most of the feeling is back on the part of my lips and chin that I could only feel vague sensation on for the last year. My gums still aren’t all the way back yet, but they also seem improved from even a couple of months ago, so I still have hope :)

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