I had my first real* cleaning in a year today, and it went about as well as expected. Meaning, not so well - I’m still not entirely comfortable flossing, since I can’t feel my gums to tell when I’m doing damage, my fillings do need to be replaced (but not until I decide if I’m going to try to change my bite again), my gums are receding (I’m also attributing that to not being able to feel my gums as well), and in part of my gums that I can feel, it’s too sensitive and painful to brush that tooth properly. But I got a recommendation for an oral surgeon and orthodontist in the area, so hopefully I’ll get going on that shortly. I still need to put a call in to my old oral surgeon to run everything that’s going on past him - although he’s not covered by my insurance anymore, he’s my best starting point since he’ll be able to compare the X-rays I’m presuming he will take against my older X-rays.

I also went to the orthodontist on Friday. My goal was to have one of two outcomes happen: either have my lower right bracket reset (given the position my tooth had gotten itself into, the bracket had to be set on in the front at first, but as the tooth was being pulled back up, it was starting to rotate), or have my brackets taken off outright. I was leaning towards the latter, and that’s what I ended up with… I didn’t even have to cause a fuss :) I was just getting frustrated, since I felt like my entire bite was being sacrificed just to try to get those two pairs of teeth to meet up, and I was not happy to see my front teeth start moving around and my overbite opening up again. So I’m back to wearing my retainer, and while it is quite painful right now (pretty much everything moved - I thought it was just my front teeth, but every tooth all the way back to the molars is shifting again), but I’m overall pretty happy with the discomfort. At least that way I know things are moving back to where they belong.

*”real” since I don’t really count my cleaning six months ago, when all the dentist did was poke at my teeth, tell me to replace my fillings and that I should bleach my teeth. My teeth actually got cleaned this time, scraping, floss, polish and all.

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