Yet another orthodontist appointment today. We finally set the dates for my braces to come off, so that’s good news. Unfortunately, those dates are still two months out. So the braces are scheduled to come off in February, my last oral surgeon checkup is coming up in January, and speech therapy should be wrapping up soon too, so at least the end is in sight. Orthondontics-wise, we’re now waiting for my left cuspids to move a bit more. They were hitting prematurely, and so on my last visit my wire was stepped out to move the upper cuspid out while the lower cuspid was stepped in. It did help, but I think they’re still hitting much more than the right side. Speech therapy has been going well. It’s proven to be even more beneficial than I thought it would be. We’re working on changing a lot of my behavior (i.e. starting to chew on the left side now and then alternating evenly between sides, holding my tongue so the tip touches behind my alveolor ridge as my resting position, etc), and actually making a lot of progress. I’m finding myself keeping my tongue from between my teeth without even trying to do so consciously, so that’s making me feel much more comfortable about getting my braces off.

I’m also still trying to get insurance to cover my first surgery. They’ve paid for my second surgery already, but for the last couple of months, I’ve been going back and forth between the hospital and insurance (and apparently they’ve been going back and forth themselves), since insurance is asking for another form before they’ll process my claim, despite the fact that it seems as though they sent me the form they’re asking for in their initial request to me. Unfortunately, the notes on my record at the insurance company don’t seem to match with their request, and so the hospital hasn’t been quick to take my word and just send the descriptions out that insurance needs. In a completely separate issue, I’ve also been trying to get my oral surgeon and the hospital to coordinate with each other to remove what I think is an erroneous diagnosis from my first surgery. On the page with all my diagnoses, tucked in between “mandibular hyperplasia” and “maxillary hypoplasia” is “tobacco use disorder.” ?! Since I’m not sure if this would affect any of my insurance premiums - besides that I don’t want it on my records if it’s wrong - I’m trying to get that taken off. It’s supposed to be a simple process of my oral surgeon signing a form from the hospital asking that it be deleted from my records, but it’s two months and numerous phone calls later and it hasn’t happened yet. I just don’t understand how it is that no one ever mentioned anything about tobacco use the whole time I’ve been in treatment until it showed up on the bill six months later… besides that I don’t even smoke! (well, except for some - perfectly legal - shisha a couple times a year, but that shouldn’t do enough damage to end up on my hospital bill).

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