It looks like I’m free from the orthodontist for a little while… I had my last scheduled appointment on Friday, and now I’m just supposed to call back when I’ve met with my oral surgeon and am ready to talk about my mouth. So that should buy me some time, since I’ve pushed off the decision-making until after our reception in August now. I literally was in my orthodontist’s office for less than five minutes, just long enough for him to watch me bite down and then proclaim that I need to have braces put back on as soon as I get back from my honeymoon. After listening to him say a couple more times how important it is that I get braces back on, I pointed out that unless it’s my jaw that moved again, I’m not planning on going through braces again. With the way he readily agreed to that, I think the Big Discussion/Showdown About Stacey’s Mouth is just being postponed until after I see my oral surgeon. That should be an interesting talk when we actually sit down in his office to discuss my treatment as more of equals than when I’m in the chair and his hands are in my mouth as he’s asking me questions… I really think he’s underestimating just how little faith I have in braces at this point. I mean, they’ve done a beautiful job straightening my teeth (and now that I’m able to wear my retainer again, my front teeth look much better - very pleased about that), but unless he can absolutely guarantee without a doubt that braces will bring my teeth together (and not in the usual screwed-up way where the bands just pull the outside edges together so my teeth are all tilted) and keep them there this time, I have no interest in potentially messing my teeth up more.  I can use my left side more than before to eat, so that at least is a huge improvement.

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