I had another orthodontist appointment today, and if all goes well, it will just be another visit or two before I get my braces off. Dr. D. told me we just have to wait until my last two teeth touch on the right side, which should be the next visit with the bands he planned out for me. Due to my tongue thrust, my overbite and left side had opened up again, but the overbite is much, much better again. I was doing better for a while for keeping my tongue from between my teeth, but it’s so difficult since the behavior is so unconscious and ingrained now and my diligence slipped after a while. I have to start wearing a couple bands to pull the left side together again, so hopefully that can hold everything together and keep my tongue out of there until I can go to speech therapy. I’m really hoping therapy will be the cure for this, but I’m also a bit afraid that they won’t be able to help me, because of my age or whatever other reason. I guess I’ll find out soon enough, though - I have a doctor’s appointment on Tuesday, and I’ll be getting my referral for speech therapy then. I have a couple places in mind, and so as soon as I get the referral I’ll be making an appointment and finally getting in to start my treatment.

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