I’ve just been catching up on phone calls lately. I called CareFirst last week to check on my financial responsibility for the surgery. I couldn’t remember if the osteotomy was in- or out-patient, but apparently, all I need to pay for out-patient surgery is a $10 copay! Assuming that it will be the same as the policy summary pamphlet I have, in-patient surgery shouldn’t cost me anything! That was absolutely excellent news, so then I just had to wait for either Dr. G. or Dr. D. to call me. Unfortunately, since I didn’t hear from either of them, I called Dr. G. to check on his progress with getting a hold of Dr. D. Apparently, he had sent Dr. D. a letter on September 12th, but supposing that it had gotten slowed down by the hurricane last week, I was told to give them a call to see if he had received the letter. When I called Dr. D.’s office, the receptionist told me that they had only received one letter from July, and that he would discuss any letters with me at my next appointment. Since he had never talked to me about this letter, I tried to impress upon her the importance that he get back to me after he receives this letter. I finally got a fax number from them and let Dr. G.’s office know that they need to resend the letter. I really want to get this surgery done as soon as possible without harming my progress, and I’m just afraid it’s going to get dragged out so much while I play mediator/baby-sitter between my doctors. I will be calling back early next week, though, hopefully just to keep them going and to get them to coordinate my treatment.

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Well, the braces are officially on. I went in on Friday and it took about 2 hours from start to finish. I did end up getting the porcelain brackets on the top, and then just regular metal ones on the bottom.  I was surprised at how much better the porcelains look than I even thought they would. They don’t hurt too badly yet, except that it feels like my front teeth want to fall out. It’s also much more clear that my teeth have moved, even though I thought they were still straight from my last bout with braces. So I guess it will be nice to have that taken care of now too.

And then the unexpected and fantastic news: I got a call from Dr. G.’s office Friday afternoon telling me that my surgery was approved!! I couldn’t believe it, and I made an appointment next Wednesday to meet with Dr. G., if for nothing else than to just confirm it. Then I just talked to Dr. D. today when he called to check up on me, and he was surprised that I had gotten it covered (since he had told me point-blank, “You’ll never get this approved,” when I was getting my braces on), but he said he would call Dr. G. next week to coordinate with him.

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I had to call both my dental and health insurance today to clear up some potentially big problems. I was actually pleasantly surprised for once, though, since I got good news from MetLife! I wanted to verify that they would cover the $1,500 that my orthodontic contract said they would, although I am over MetLife’s age limit for coverage and their lifetime max is $1,000. It turns out that while I’m still not covered for orthodontics under MetLife, since I chose an orthodontist within the Preferred Dentists Network, the $1,500 was deducted in order to meet a cap that Dr. D. had agreed to. That was very relieving to hear, because now I don’t have to worry about dental insurance backing out on me at the last minute, and that extra $1,500 will be very welcome as I go through this process. I also had to call CareFirst to see what the status of my claims were from the oral surgeon (from whom I had just received a notice that I needed to pay my bill or it was going to collections… a bill they had told me not to worry about since it was just a copy of what had been sent in to insurance). I had jumped to conclusions and assumed insurance wasn’t going to pay for even the office visits anymore, but it turns out they just didn’t have either of the claims that were supposed to have been sent in. I called my oral surgeon back and they’re resubmitting now, so hopefully this will all turn out all right.

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Orthodontist appointment to get my spacers in. They’re bright, they’re blue, and they hurt. Except for the metal one that they had to use because my teeth are too close together - that one is definitely not blue, but it’s still making my teeth rather sore.

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